Toys R Us Released Their Final Ad for Black Friday Deals

toysrus-blackfridayadsToys R Us has released their final ad for Black Friday deals. Plans are afoot for a 5 pm opening on 27th November (Thanksgiving Day); incidentally the same time Best Buy opens up. It will again open at 7 am on Black Friday till stocks last.

There are not too many stocks by the looks of it; items covering only 28 ad pages and Toys R Us announcing only 200 Doorbuster deals on 27th. The deals pack a punch though.

Gamers will be delighted as games like Lego batman GTA and a major PS4 game will come at 40% off if you buy another at full price. Xbox and Nintendo fares will also be available at discounts.

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon Fire HD will be the cynosure, while starter kits, Skylander fare and others will come at dreamy prices (70% offer on one if one buys two).

On Friday, Toys R Us will concentrate on leftover Skylander stocks and Disney nuggets till the stocks last.

Apple iPad will also be available at a short price while DVDs, Blu-rays and board games will be picked up by all and sundry at steal prices. 

Little kids will however not get the facility to lap up the popular Minecraft games as they are already lacking in stock.

It must be agreed that Toys R us has planned a good house of toys to go on offer; yet, the fare is sparse compared to what Walmart, target and Best Buy are coming with. Buyers are advised to exercise caution while snapping the deals.

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