Kmart Plans a Mix of Blazing Offers for Black Friday

Kmart-BlackFriday-AdScansKmart has devised a mix of blazing offers to command buyer’s attention this Black Friday. The offers have carefully been slotted into three flyers; each with specific bonanzas to please diverse customers.

The first of the three slots will run from 6 am to 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day (November 27). The second goes from 7 pm until 3 am. The final flyer will be the catchiest, cruising from 6 am-noon on Black Friday.

Some offers will remain consistent though. Christmas items, children bikes, classic board games and home appliances will all be offer at reduced prices for budget-constricted customers.

For the record, the first flyer will focus on Nintendo but there is a rub. You need to be a Kmart member to avail $20-40 discount. The second will piggyback on Xbox and its components; all coming at $10 discount. Buyers will actually earn bonus points to be later translated into money (1000 points =1 dollar).

Many items will not be on direct sale on the first flyer, though, and will come in combo offers with other items. Kmart actually has 55 pages worth of items which you can scour online before you make the purchase.

The final flyer will extend the temp as discounts will be higher ($40-50). You may grab the cut on gaming consoles and accessories. Televisions will also come at a neat price offer.

Although Kmart has laid its plans well, the big damper is the unavailability of PS4 deals; something the new kids are vehemently sold to.

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