Home Depot Black Friday : Home Depot Brings Forth a List of Discounted Home Appliances

homedepot_blackfridayHome Depot has released a 6-page deal ad for Black Friday; bringing a list of home appliances into the ambit. Buyers will have the option of making purchases both in physical stores as well as online. 

Washers, drillers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, mechanical kits and screw drivers will all be up at exciting prices. Online buyers, making purchases worth $45 or more will get the benefit of free shipping.

Samsung refrigerator will fetch buyers a rebate of $800 while Whirlpool washer comes at a price slashed by $200. Customers may save a neat $450 if they buy two products worth $498 or more. The offer is amazingly valid right from 5th November till 11th December. Further, customers may also acquire products through 12-month payment scheme, provided the products are valued at $299 or more.

Shoppers may avail coupons on Black Friday allowing them $50 on purchase of two appliances. The bar will raise and end at a whopping $450 on 6 products.

Home Depot has earned a reputation as seller of home and garden appliances and customers eye the Black Friday discounts every year. There is $300 rebate on dishwasher and offers on handymen combo kits. Cargo box and truck box will fetch hefty discounts while the overtly comfortable Brexely Chair will be a steal deal at $99.

The treat is surely for homemakers and DIY gentlemen who can have all that they desire at Home Depot, come Black Friday. In fact, the procession has started even as you read it.

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