Walmart Plans to Level Prices with Amazon This Black Friday

Walmart Black Friday 2014Walmart has confirmed it will initiate a strong policy on this Black Friday to help pep up its sales and increase its clientele. In a bid to win more customers, it is going to equate prices of its goods with the other retail biggie: Amazon. Walmart has 5000 stores across US and this will tempt more people to make a switch from Amazon, as the prices will be similar. According to Daily Finance, about 20,000 items will now be available at a reduced price at Walmart.

Walmart is also proposing to ship top 100 items for free. This is in addition to a number of incredible tech deals, which Walmart has plans for the coming festive season.

Walmart workers have a grievance though. In the light of new advancement and potential increase in cumber of customers this festive season, they are eyeing a raise too. They plan to go on a subjective strike on Black Friday. Workers in 1600 of the total 5000 stores in US will be on strike demanding what they feel is their right. They want a newly sanctioned $15 per hour wage and full-time work for one and all. They appear bound to extend their strike to the streets if their demands are not fulfilled.

Walmart is clearly rowing on two boats and may find the demands tough to meet, for their profits will be grossly reduced. One way or other, this Black Friday promises excitement.

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