Source Phoenix Review: One of Best SEO Training Ever Created !

Source Phoenix ReviewSource-wave fame Alex Becker, today announced the launch of its new SEO Course named Source Phoenix in the market.

The newly launched Digital Product is basically a SEO Training Course, which involves live training with three coaches, who has generated over 300k a month in with their SEO Strategies.The Course basically includes three main sections, which is as under :-

  1. Affiliate SEO (13 topics) which cover Foreign niches, handling the algorithmic changes that will continue to come, creating backlinks with safe anchor text links.
  2. Client SEO (8 modules) which cover the best services to offer, the elance method, Facebook Client grabber and the Un-Refusable offer method.
  3. The last section is about Quick Cash Method (6 topics), which cover PR Site rental, Launch Jacking and high end niches.

If you’re looking to buy this product, then read the full Source Phoenix Review by clicking here. This website is also offering exclusive Bonuses with the purchase. The Source Phoenix comes with two pricing options i.e. $997 (pay-at-once) or $360 (three-installments).

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