Cartoon Network Launches Mobile App for Android & iOS Smartphone Users

Cartoon Network App Android iOsWith the increasing trend of kids’ audience abandoning classical TV entertainment and migrating toward amore “autonomous” medium, Cartoon Network – the biggest global cartoon provider has released a new smartphone app named ‘Cartoon Network Anything’.

The app will be available for Android and iOS smartphone users both, showing clips with 10 to 15 seconds runtime (otherwise known as ‘micro contents’), taking the form of previews from Cartoon Network’s most popular shows like “Gumball”, “Teen Titans Go”, the notoriously famous internet meme-inducer “Adventure Time” and more. For its core fans, the app willbringgames, trivia quizzes and puzzles out of the bag, showing a clear message that going mobile is what makes you cool these days.

As Chris Waldron says, a Cartoon Network VP of digital, the app’s key target audience is boys aged 6 to 11, with their goal (the network’s) being to switch viewers back and forth (between TV and mobile) by presenting on-air promotions to them at any given time (since we tend to voluntarily turn apps on and off, at least for the time being). This method will probably increase Cartoon Network’s digital revenue, as concluded by Waldron.

The launching saw McDonald’s as the main sponsor of ‘Cartoon Network Anything’, and fans can purchase the same at the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores respectively.

In spite of statistics, the average TV viewing timefell by 4% among toddlers aged 2-11, while the average internet viewing time sky-rocketed by a whopping 87%, with 103 hours TV entertainment as opposed to 6 hours and 16 minutes internet fun per month.

As a conclusion, it remains to be seen if the new Cartoon Network ‘micro content’ business model will pick up and set new trends for times to come.

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