Apple launches iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 & 27-inch iMac Retina 5K

New iMac Retina 5K iPad Air 2Apple fanboys around the world, we have some good news for you: as of 15 October, two new iPad models iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 publicly announced.

It was a launch event, and it happened in Cupertino, with Apple describing the iPad Air 2 as a slimmer version of its predecessor, featuring a fingerprint reader called TouchID, iSight 8MP main shooter (with 1080 video recording options), 9.7 inches of pure touchscreen beauty and an ARM-compatible Apple 8x CPU. Sounds good? Well, it is.

What’s the entire ‘being slimmer’ thing about? – For starters, the iPad Air 2 will be 18% thinner than the first oxygen induced Apple product (the Air) and a whopping 50% thinner than the original suffix free iPad.

Both devices will spread their love to customers for money: $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini 3 option and a $729 for an LTE-enabled 128 GB model. The iPad Air 2 will range from $499 (16 GB Wi-Fi only option) to $829 (128 GB model + LTE) raw tablet pleasure.

Among Cook’s mentions of Apple Pay and anew SDK feed for the much anticipated Apple Watch at the event described earlier, rumors spread toward a larger (12 inch) iPad model. Reportedly, its design is carefully guarded at Apple’s HQ, so we’re only left with speculation to fill the void said rumor did to us. Such sadness.

Furthermore, both the iPad Mini3 and Air 2 will sport a nanoSIM slot option, with software SIM feature which’ll allow changing carrier’s when changing the soil you’re standing on (USA or UK).

Also, the new 27 inch iMac Retina 5K, which boasts itself a whooping 7 times the pixel density of a high definition television will be available at price of $2494. 

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