400 Dropbox passwords leaked, 6.9 million more accounts allegedly hacked

When users are still trying to come in terms with the huge Snapchat leak, another big online security breach has taken place. This time the victims are the Dropbox users. In this latest security breach, passwords of hundreds of Dropbox accounts have been leaked, and hackers are now threatening to exchange the details of hundreds of thousands of more accounts for Bitcoin.

According to reports, following a security breach hackers have got access to usernames and passwords of Dropbox users through a 3rd-party service. Yesterday evening, they leaked usernames and passwords of as many as 400 accounts on the website Pastebin.

The leaked login details were accompanied by a post from the hackers; through the post, the hackers have warned that they have the account details of 6.9 million more Dropbox accounts and as a result have access to a huge collection of videos, photos, documents and files of other kinds, which they are looking to leak in exchange for Bitcoins.

The surprising fact here is that Dropbox has still not admitted that its accounts have been hacked. When asked to comment on this matter, the file hosting service made its stand public by issuing a statement. In its statement, Dropbox said that the usernames and passwords posted on Pastebin has, unfortunately, been stolen from 3rd-party services and are currently been used to make a log in attempts on Dropbox accounts.

In the statement, the San Francisco, California-based company also said that they had detected all these attacks previously and found that while most of the posted passwords have expired a long time back, the others have expired recently. So, it’s clear that through this statement the company is looking to assure its users that there’s nothing to worry about the security of their Dropbox accounts.

However, although Dropbox’s statement indicates that the 400 leaked accounts are absolutely secure, the company has not yet said anything about the current status of the other 6.9 million accounts that the hackers have threatened to leak.

What’s a bit comforting is that according to a Dropbox representative, the file hosting service always expiries passwords of hacked accounts. However, he couldn’t present any information about the number of Dropbox account passwords that have expired recently.

The news of the leak has caused a big debacle for Dropbox as it has come when the company was already struggling to prove Edward Snowden’s claim wrong. Snowden claimed that Dropbox is not the right place for people who love their privacy.

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