Xiaomi appoints former Google exec to lead its product team in India

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has hired an ex Google executive Jai Mani for making its product team in India more powerful. According to reports, this action of the company is a part of its plan to expand business in Asia.

Xiaomi has named Mani the product manager and said that he will be responsible to look after the related operations in India. The announcement of the hire was made by the global vice president of the company Hugo Barra, who himself is also a former Google employee. Barra made the announcement on Sunday by posting the news on his Google+ and Facebook accounts. Barra further informed that Mani is already in India and ready to take up his new position. The newly appointed Xiaomi product manager is currently in Bangalore.

When asked why they have decided to hire Mani, for this position, Barra said that they have done so to mark a solid beginning for the development of the company’s R&D centre in India.

Here, it must be noted that Mani was recently in news for becoming the co-founder as well as the product manager of a startup. At Google, on the other hand, he used to work as a part of Google Play’s (the app store of the company) strategy and analytics team. According to information obtained from Mani’s LinkedIn page, he joined Google in 2009 and stayed there till 2013.

Xiaomi’s credentials as an employer are also quite impressive. Xiaomi has taken less than four years to adorn the position of the top Chinese smartphone vendor; this is a really commendable achievement for any company as China is home to the biggest smartphone market of the world. Right now, Xiaomi is hoping to see its business grow successfully in Southeast Asia and India.

The second quarter of 2014 saw Xiaomi overtake Samsung as the leading smartphone maker in China by capturing 14% of the country’s market. The company managed to grab so much attention and gain such high popularity by providing users with lower-priced, but high-end Android smartphones.

Grabbing such big market share in China, the most populated country of the world, has allowed Xiaomi to become the world’s 5th biggest smartphone manufacturer. However, the name of the company has still not got much recognition outside China. As a result, currently Xiaomi is only focusing on gaining more significant positions in the Asian and European markets.

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