Tesla introduces all-wheel drive Model D

Tesla Motors has unveiled a new vehicle model, a dual-engined, all-wheel drive, 691 HP Model D. The vehicle was revealed at an event held on Thursday evening in Los Angeles. The newly unveiled car comes equipped with a couple of electric motors, one at its front, and another at its rear.

Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla, after unveiling the Model D said that the software embedded in the car is capable of shifting power from the car’s front to its back dynamically within just faction of a second. According to Musk, this arrangement is much better compared to the traditional all-wheel drive units we come across. He explained that the new system is better as it only sends power where and when it is required; this in turn gives Model D vehicles the ability to offer more impressive road holding than the single-engined cars.

Musk further informed that the Model D allows slightly faster acceleration; you will be able to reach the speed of 60 mph from 0 mph only in 3.2 seconds. That’s not all; this car also has a higher top speed. Additionally, it can be operated in as many as three modes, insane, sport and normal. Many are saying that when driven in the insane mode, the Model D is capable of emulating McLaren F1 sports cars.

Admitting that having a second engine make the Model D heavier, Musk said that the extra weight does not interfere with the car’s performance and instead makes it more efficient. According to Musk, having a couple of drive units gives the driver the option of shifting power and always remain at highest efficiency for both motors; this eventually ensures that the extra weight doesn’t cause any problem for the driver or reduces the vehicle’s efficiency. The CEO added that by incorporating dual motors, Tesla has improved everything about the vehicle; he feels that with this newly added feature the car is nothing less than a roller coaster.

Other than being a personal roller coaster, the Model D can also be described as a personal concierge. This is because the car also comes equipped with a brand new autopilot automated driving system. Musk said that this new feature will allow owners to see their vehicles getting parked all by themselves when there’s no one behind the steering. That’s not all; you may also link the calendar with your Tesla Model D vehicle to see it leaving the garage in the same manner as a driver leaves his/her home.

According to Musk, under the current circumstances, the autopilot feature introduced by Tesla is looking to push the limits set by law and is allowing users to make their vehicles autonomous; but he made it clear that the technology has not yet attained the level to allow drivers sleep and still reaching their destination safely.

Tesla Motors has not yet provided any information on the availability and price of the Model D. So, it seems that we’ll need to wait for some more time to get the vehicle in our garage.

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