Apple to delay launch of bigger iPads

There were talks that Apple will start mass producing bigger iPads soon; however, recent reports are suggesting that the company’s suppliers have decided to push back plans of sending a larger tablet into production.

According to sources close to the tech giant, the suppliers have taken such as decision as they are currently struggling to develop enough pieces of the newly launched iPhones to meet the huge demand among people across the globe.

The company, according to reports, had plans to begin mass producing the bigger iPads in December, 2014. A representative of an Apple supplier in the company’s hometown Cupertino, California said that the supply chain is currently only working to meet the uncontrollable demand for the bigger iPhones; he added that so far the output of iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s first 5.5-inch smartphone, hasn’t been satisfactory.

According to him, display makers will find it extremely challenging to split their resources and invest time to work for the production of a new device, which in this case is an iPad with a larger screen.

Foxconn, which is one of the biggest assemblers of iPads and iPhones, has also confronted a big challenge. They are finding is extremely hard to hire enough workers for assembling the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus at the company’s biggest production unit in Zhengzhou, China.

You will be wrong if you think that the number of people currently carrying out the assembling job at the Zhengzhou plant is very low; over 200,000 people are already working only to meet the demand for the new iPhones.

According to a Foxconn official, everyone at the company is busy working on the newly released iPhones; he added that it seems that these new iPhones have currently become the only source of earning for Foxconn.

The official informed that Terry Gou, the company’s chairman, has also visited the Zhengzhou plant recently to check the proceedings closely.

The demand for the new Apple phones were extremely high form the day the company started taking pre-orders. Things are appearing to be absolutely unmanageable now as the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has recently announced that it will be available for purchase even in China and India, the two biggest smartphone markets, from October 17. Here, it must be noted that the devices are currently available in 33 countries; India and China will make it 35.

Apple planned to launch a bigger iPad as statistics reveal that its tablet business has slowed down considerably in the past few quarters. Thus, it seems that although Apple has postponed its plan to make a bigger tablet, it hasn’t abandoned the plan altogether.

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