HTC is here with four more products

There are some company’s who loves to keep on innovating. HTC Corporation is certainly one of them. Earlier this year, we saw the Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer launch the HTC One M8, a smartphone filled with innovations.

Most companies would have preferred to remain idle for the rest of the year after launching such a ground-breaking product, but you can’t expect HTC to enjoy leisure. Sticking to its habit of coming up with new things in regular succession, it has made four more important announcements on Wednesday at the company’s “Double Exposure” Launch in New York.

People present at Wednesday’s event witnessed the launch of HTC Eye Experience, an imaging software with advanced features, Zoe, an application allowing collaborative video-editing, RE, an immensely powerful mini-camera and last, but not least a new smartphone called the HTC Desire Eye.

Considering that the year 2014 also saw the launch of the HTC One M8 smartphone, HTC has introduced a total of five fresh products onto the market in this calendar year.

The imaging software HTC Eye Experience has been designed for mobile users and comes equipped with an array of innovative features. The most talked-about feature among them is the split-capture function; it allows users to capture videos and photos simultaneously using the back and front cameras of their phones in order to obtain a single split-screen video or photo.

The list of advanced features in the mobile imaging software also includes face-tracking when taking part in video chats, the option of capturing voice activated selfies, etc.

Zoe, the collaborative video-editing application will allow you to mix videos and photos to form highlight reels and then let friends add more to the content created by you.

The RE camera might cause some confusions for you when you will first see it; it definitely doesn’t look the way most would expect it to be. To be more precise, it looks a lot like a mini snorkel. However, in spite of its weird look, it will give you a nice feeling when you’ll hold it. It’s compact and lightweight, which makes carrying it around an absolutely effortless task.

Then, there’s the Desire Eye smartphone with a special selfie camera. The appearance and other specifications of the new HTC phone are also pretty impressive.

The RE will be available in the US for a price of $199; in the UK this might translate into £149. Only time will tell whether RE’s price is low enough to attract photo-eager people to buy a separate imaging device.

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