EE’s home TV service for UK residents

Telecommunications Company EE has launched a home TV service, which will allow users to use as many as three tablets or phones to watch three different live programmes simultaneously, while the television screen will be screening a 4th programme.

According to reports, this facility will come equipped with a set-top-box that will allow you to replay content broadcasted in the last 24 hours. What’s unique about the set-top-box is that you will be able to view the broadcasted content again even if you didn’t schedule any recording.

This new service has been including in the price of the company’s landline and broadband packages.

When talking about the newly launched EE service, an expert said that by launching a home TV service, the company has taken a “hugely significant” move. Here, it must be mentioned that EE TV comes with over 70 free-to-air channels including big names like ITV, Sky News, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC One, and Al Jazeera. That’s not all; the TV also provides users with apps for a host of services including Daily Motion, YouTube, and, Rakuten’s subscription movie and TV service.

The set-to-box’s hard disk has storage capacity of 1TB (terabyte); according to EE, the hard disk is capable of storing standard definition content of 25 days and high-definition content of 5 days. A mobile customer of EE’s UK network, who is not subscribed to the company’s internet service, can get subscribed to its newly launched home TV service for a monthly fee of £9.95.

However, as £9.95 is the same amount that EE takes to offer its basic broadband service to users in the UK excluding the extra monthly fee of £15.75 for the telephone line, people opting for the TV service will always have the option of switching.

The CEO of EE Olaf Swantee said that EE TV other than allowing users to watch various streams of recorded and live content on different screens simultaneously will also convert their mobile phones into remotes. Swantee added that this TV will give users the opportunity of watching, queuing and viewing whatever they want and whenever they want.

According to an industry watcher, rival groups of EE will soon come up with similar combination of services.

Paolo Pescatore of consultancy firm CCS Insight said that probably as a response to EE’s move, the British multinational telecommunications services company BT Group is planning to launch a mobile service in 2015.

Thus, to grab maximum market share, EE currently needs to concentrate only on making its home TV service more functional.

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