The world has more mobile phones than people

Recently obtained statistics reveals that for the first time, the number of mobile devices on Earth has outnumbered the number of people the planet has.

Real-time data offered by the United States Census Bureau, the principal agency of the US Federal Statistical System that generates data about the country’s economy and people, has revealed that right now there are more active Sim cards in the world than humans. This once-unthinkable event has taken place around a few weeks back.

According to the US Census Bureau, currently while the world has as many as 7.22 billion mobile devices, the number of people living in the planet is less than 7.2 billion. Based on the speed of growth of the global population and mobile network, experts are suggesting that this crossover took place when both were around 7.19 billion.

Human population of the planet has an annual growth rate of 1.2%; this means each second sees around two people being added to the existing population. The number of mobile devices managed to surpass that of humans as they (the mobile devices) are enjoying an annual growth rate of around 6%, which is five times the current growth rate of human population.

According to the Chairman of Spencer Trask & Company Kevin Kimberlin, to date no other technology managed to have such a big impact on the human race like mobile phones did; he further stated that no other manmade entity has grown as fast as mobile phone have.

Kimberlin’s company backs Millicom, a startup that is currently working in partnership with and Facebook to allow people in the developing countries access to the Internet.

Millicom’s Director Leonard Gubar, on the other hand, has described mobile phones as something “miraculous”. Gubar said that at the present moment mobile phones can be used for doing almost everything. He said that these devices are even becoming part of political events and playing big roles in social changes; we are currently seeing such uses of mobile phones in Hong Kong and in 2010 the devices were used effectively in Arab Spring.

Here it should be noted that although statistics are showing that the number of mobile phones has surpassed the number of humans, a large share of the population in developing nations still don’t have one.

Recently obtained numbers suggest that over 50% of the global population is still without a mobile device. What this fact reveals is that developed countries are home to many who are using two or more Sim cards.

The story doesn’t end here. There are more than 250 million machine-to-machine networks on Earth; these are mobile phones which only communicate with other gadgets such as smart metres. This fact is largely responsible for allowing the number of active mobile phones surpass the number of humans on this planet. So, it can be said that humans are still ahead, but only for very little time.

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