Apple iPhone 6 continues to stay in news, this time it’s hairgate

Since the iPhone 6 was unveiled on September 9, it has continuously been in news. The frequency of breaking news on the device increased even further when it was made available for purchase on September 19; it would not be wrong if we say that we have seen fresh headlines about the product on different media almost every day since the time it hit the stores. Now, here’s the next big news about the newest phone from the house of Apple; it’s called hairgate.

So, where from the hairgate has emerged? In a community post about the iPhone 6, a user claimed that his hair is getting caught in the new iPhone’s seam between the aluminum and glass and when he is trying to free the hair the experience is turning out to be quite painful. The moment the post made the social media, users went mad, and that was enough to make the news trend on different social networking platforms.

Something similar happened even when the news of bending of the iPhone 6 surfaced. However, there’s a clear difference between the two events; while some users did experience bending of their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the alleged hairgate is nothing more than utter nonsense.

According to experts who have the experience of using the new Apple phones, the gap separating the aluminium and glass doesn’t exist. There’s surely a bevel, but if you look closely you will find that the glass panel in the front has been fused to the phone’s aluminum structure and the trivial gap between the two portions is much thinner than a regular human hair.

Even if there was a big gap between the aluminum and glass structures of the smartphone, the story of hairgate wouldn’t have made any sense. Gizmo freaks must be aware of the Gapgate involving Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 (the seam of the phablet had a prominent gap); a similar problem also existed in the Note 3 and Note 2. However, this design issue didn’t make users suffer from hair trauma of any kind. The popularity of the devices was also not hampered and within just a couple of months Samsung successfully sold as many as 10 million units of the Note 3; the other two devices also had impressive sales records.

However, there’s one thing that hairgate demonstrates successfully; it again proves that iPhones are never launched without being surrounded by an ongoing hyperbole.

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