You will have to pay more than £38,200 for an iPhone 6 prototype

The iPhone 6 is in news for a long time; reports suggesting its name, features and price started filling the pages of top tech magazines and websites even before Apple announced September 9 as the date for launching its new products.

The smartphone continued to make headlines for different reasons even after it hit the stores on September 19. Today, it is again all set to make news; however, this time the report has originated from the activities of a prototype of the phone and not the actual iPhone 6 model. A seller, who accidentally received an iPhone 6 prototype from Verizon, the American network provider, has made it available for £38,200 or above on eBay.

The seller, whose username is kimberlyk1018, has uploaded photos of the so-called iPhone 6 prototype running in a diagnostic mode and carrying internal apps that Apple uses for testing its devices prior to the official release.

This prototype, unlike the actual phone available on the market, doesn’t run on iOS 8; it might also turn out that the device is not operable. Potential buyers have also been warned by the seller; he has clearly stated that he cannot guarantee that the phone’s camera is in working condition, or the phone can be used to make calls. However, he has offered a 110% guarantee that the product he is selling is an authentic prototype of the newly released Apple smartphone.

People bidding for this alleged iPhone 6 prototype are probably doing so not for experiencing the device’s functionalities, but for getting hold of something that is rare and novel and will allow them to have a glimpse at Apple secret procedure of testing its products and preparing them for official release.

The 64 GB prototype does not possess the regulatory marking, usually, found on the back of every device. The device seems to be running on the same software that all the previously leaked prototypes of the iPhone 6 run on. Another thing that indicates that kimberlyk1018 is selling an authentic piece is the red lightening port on the phone, which clearly shows that the device is a bona fide Apple prototype.

When talking about how he got hold of such a rare thing, kimberlyk1018 said that he obtained it accidentally when he renewed his contract. He also mentioned that Apple, usually, never make these phones available to the public.

One question that is bothering many is that whether the law allows buying and selling of prototypes like the one put up on sale by kimberlyk1018.

When in 2010, a prototype of the then-unreleased iPhone 4 was found and sold by two men to the tech blog Gizmodo for a sum of £3,200 criminal charges were brought against them. The two men were accused of extortion by Steve Jobs; however, later all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see how Apple reacts to the iPhone 6 prototype auction.

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