Microsoft Corporation’s new OS will feature the “Start” button

Microsoft Corporation is all set to release the newest version of its Windows operating system this month. The company confirmed last week that they will be unveiling the new OS on September 30. The Windows OS is one of the most widely used products the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant has ever made and is also regarded as one of the most pioneering software to be released to date.

There is no denying the fact that the last three decades have witnessed different iterations of this Microsoft product dominating the global operating system market. However, Windows OS is currently going through a really rough patch, and it seems that its end is not too far away. There are also reports suggesting that the company has decided not to call its upcoming operating system Windows.

For Microsoft, changing the name of its iconic operating system must have been extremely taxing. As mentioned above, since its launch three decades ago, the OS has managed to maintain its popularity around the globe; this has helped the software to earn huge brand equity. However, things began changing when the Windows 8.1 failed to be as popular as all its other predecessors. This might have prompted the tech giant to make some drastic changes in its next operating system and give it a complete overhaul; the change in name is probably a part of this renovation process.

Another big change that users might see in the new OS is a highly coveted Start button and Start Menu.

According to experts, Microsoft developed Windows 8 to set its traditional operating system architecture aside. Due to the emergence of smartphones, the company wanted its OS to possess the ability to serve both mobile and desktop computing, and Windows 8 allowed just that. However, in spite of having such an inspiring goal, the company failed to come up with functional software. This ordinary execution eventually resulted in a decrease in the popularity of Windows.

When compared to other Windows versions, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 can be described as real failures. Recently obtained statistics suggests that only 14% of current PC users use these two operating systems. The lack of popularity of these two Windows versions becomes more evident from the fact that a large share of desktop users hasn’t yet upgraded their OS from Windows 7. This immensely low rate of adoption left Microsoft deeply concerned; the company started thinking differently to see its operating system gain back its lost status. We will get to see the results on September 30.

The launch event of September 30 will see Microsoft presenting a technical review of its new operating system. So, within a few hours we’ll get to know how different the upcoming OS is from its predecessors and whether it has a different name.

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