BlackBerry Ltd. is not looking to beat Apple Inc.

Earlier this week we saw BlackBerry Ltd. unveiling its new phablet-sized smartphone Passport. Considering that the Canadian smartphone maker has launched its new device just a few days after Apple Inc’s two new iPhones were made available for purchase, you might think that it is looking to compete with Apple. However, analysts are saying that right now BlackBerry has no intent to compete with Apple.

According to Daniel Gleeson, a senior analyst representing IHS Technology, Apple in its quest of gaining bigger market share is making its products more and more mainstream, but BlackBerry in spite of experience serious decrease in its market share is at present focusing primarily on enterprise niche. Gleeson added that the Waterloo-based smartphone manufacturing firm is not looking to develop devices just to grab eyeballs and make the phone suitable for everyone.


Enderle Group’s Rob Enderle, on the other hand, feels that BlackBerry devices are undervalued. According to him, BlackBerry Ltd. is operating in a market where no other major smartphone maker makes phones like BlackBerry devices.

Enderle added that today, when shopping for smartphones one would either come across Apple phones or their clones and then there’s BlackBerry, the only smartphone maker to come up with devices with absolutely different look and feel compared to those from Apple.

He informed that while most smartphone models launched recently are causing security issues, BlackBerry devices possesses a really strong plan to ensure complete security for users. So, according to him, just a single successful attack on other smartphones can again make BlackBerry, the industry leader.

Quantum Trading Strategies’ CEO Sean Udall also believes that the future is holding great news for BlackBerry. Udall said that the Canadian company has the best leader, who is a man capable of turning around companies. He added that BlackBerry is well protected also as a result of being a company with a relatively secure balance sheet and a significant amount of cash.

Another reason why Udall feels that BlackBerry can be optimistic about its future is that currently the company is focusing on a sector where they feel they will be able to grow; yes, we are talking about network operation.

However, Udall has not forgotten to remind that BlackBerry still has the big job of defeating Apple in hand. Apple following the launch of its two new iPhones is enjoying an extremely powerful position in the global smartphone market.

There are also people who believe that although BlackBerry devices are unique, it cannot be confidently said that the company has the potential to come back and get back its position of the industry leader.

The Chart Lab’s Brett Golden has compared BlackBerry with local restaurants that operate intermittently in one particular location and eventually leave that location tarnished. Golden added that people rarely wants to get hold of something that is tarnished; according to him, the image of BlackBerry has been tarnished and thus there’s no way that the company will be coming back to rule the smartphone market.

We can, however, only wait and watch what exactly happens to BlackBerry.

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