Ello cannot replace Facebook

The year 2014 might not see Facebook taking its last breath. Facebook is still the most popular social networking platform for users around the globe.

Statistics obtained in June 2014 suggest that the social networking giant has more than 1.32 billion monthly active users. Latest data presented by leading research agencies also suggest 71% adults using the Internet use Facebook; this number is pretty impressive considering 73% of Internet users use a social network.


In the past few years, we have seen startups coming up with platforms that would replace Facebook or turn out to be a better social network than Mark Zuckerberg’s website. It’s needless to say that all of them failed. However, things turned out to be a bit different a couple of days back when San Francisco entered the clean and empty world of Ello from the crowded and ad-splattered Facebook world.

Ello is a social network that is still in its beta stage and filled with bugs. People got a taste of this brand new social networking platform when 31,000 users were invited to be a part of its beta testing team. The new site evoked so much interest among the public that the Ello team was forced to stop sending new invites on Thursday.

So, what Ello actually is? It is referred to as the anti-Facebook that has been created by designer Paul Budnitz. Ello is around for quite some time; however, the recent issues faced by the LGBTIQ community due to change of certain Facebook policies influenced the shift to the website.

Ello is different from Facebook; it wants to establish itself as a social network with the social conscience and a manifesto. If you look closely, you will find a “V” in its logo; this “V” stands for Vendetta. The rest of the logo consists of a black eyeless smiley boasting a spinning mouth, which represents social gaze one gets exposed to when socialising on the Internet.

Will Ello be successful in replacing Facebook?

The majority of us fail to remember that “change is the only constant”. Thus, we cannot expect Facebook to last forever. The only things that can be questionable here is that why will the move against begin, when will it begin and what will be the alternative to Facebook.

Ello with its anti-Facebook traits although presents a different experience to users; it seems that it might not end up replacing the social networking giant. There are a lot of justified concerns regarding this new social network. Experts are still not sure how it will manage to remain advertising free and shield user data.

Ello, however, is not ready to compromise under any circumstances. According to the Ello team, this social networking site will not allow users to be commoditised and managed. However, the company didn’t shy away from accepting $435,000 as venture capital. So, there’s no way it will be allowed to exist without making money; investors will always be lurking around to get back their money fast.

According to Ello, it will be selling features in order to monetise. Now, we’ll have to see whether this ploy of the social network turns out to be effective enough to allow it to sustain for some time. Replacing Facebook, thus, is still a distant possibility at best.

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