BlackBerry Passport will be available for £529 in the UK

BlackBerry has launched an unconventional smartphone called Passport, and expecting it to be the game-changer for the company.

The Passport looks different in its 4.5-inch square display and comes packed with a 3450 mAh battery and 3GB of RAM. Additionally, with this phone BlackBerry is again bringing back its characteristic tap QWERTY keyboard; but, this time the keyboard will also play the role of a touchpad.

The new BlackBerry phone is currently on general release in the United Kingdom. The company, since the launch of the device, is selling it exclusively on Selfridges and its official website for £529 (without SIM).


Additionally, from Friday, the Passport will be available for purchase through Carphone Warehouse. Soon, users will also get to buy the device from the enterprise arm of Vodafone.

BlackBerry unveiled the phone on Wednesday at its global launch event held in Toronto. The event was lead by the company’s CEO John Chen. Chen said that the Passport will prove to be an “iconic” BlackBerry smartphone.

With this new phone, BlackBerry is looking to get back its lost glory that it earned by becoming one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry.

The company’s CEO said that BlackBerry is currently working to win its home country back, and the launch of the Passport is one of the first steps taken by the Canadian smartphone manufacturer to achieve its goal.

The past couple of years have really been strenuous for the company. During this phase, the mobile market share it once used to enjoy has been eaten up by rival groups like Apple and Samsung. This in turn has had a serious impact on BlackBerry’s finances.

Chen hinted that the company has managed to leave past troubles behind it as it is preparing to release its financial results for the ongoing quarter later this week. He said that in the ten months since he has taken over as BlackBerry’s CEO, the company has a team of experts both outside and inside the company.

Chen added that the team quickly laid out a few essential things, which include a technical plan, a distribution plan and a financial plan. According to him, the users will now be seeing the firm making remarkable progress in repairing every single balance sheet item.

When talking about the Passport, Chen said that his company has manufactured the phone for the 30% of the smartphone users who want the devices to offer different productivity benefits. He also talked about the thing that inspired him and his team to come up with a phone with a square display.

Chen said that the majority of the people seeing this phone for the first time exclaim that it looks slightly different from what they expected. He added that when the phone is placed beside a passport, those people easily understand what has inspired the developers to come up with such a display for the phone.

In short, if you are looking for a smartphone that fits in a woman’s purse or a man’s pocket perfectly, the BlackBerry Passport can be the best answer to your quest.

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