Apple claims bending of iPhones is a rare issue

After almost three days Apple has finally come out and commented on what’s social media users are referring to as the ‘Bend Gate’. However, the Cupertino, California-based company is not ready to acknowledge that bending of the iPhone 6 Plus is a common phenomenon.

On Thursday, Apple Inc issued a statement admitting that something called Band Gate actually exists, but in much smaller form that what the media is asserting. The tech giant has claimed that warping of iPhones is a rare issue, and very few customers have complained about the same.

Apple iPhone 6

Trudy Muller, an Apple spokesperson, sent out and email where she said that when used normally bends in iPhones are “extremely rare”. She further wrote that in the past six days i.e. since the iPhone 6 Plus sale began only nine users have contacted the company to report about bent iPhones.

Thursday saw Apple shares closing down nearly 4% at $97.87; this wiped out almost $23 billion as far as the company’s market value is concerned.

Apple fans around the globe had great expectations from the iPhone 6 Plus; thus, when the news of the Bend Gate surfaced, fans of the company were left utterly disappointed. The tech behemoth got ridiculed on social networks and online forums and faced criticism from experts.

Apple said that the new iPhones launched by it this fall have been packed with titanium and stainless steel inserts to further strengthen their high-stress points. Additionally, the devices also possess the most robust glass to be used in smartphones.

Laban Roomes, the CEO of Goldgenie, the company performing the job of customising and gold-plating iPhones said that an iPhone can bend only if someone places it in his/her back pocket and then sits on the device for a long time.

Reports suggest that Apple might be replacing the bent iPhones if inspections show that the damage suffered by them meet certain guidelines set by the company.

Apple’s statement on the Bend Gate came only a few hours following the company’s decision to pull back its flawed operating system update. The faulty iOS 8 update was released by the company to allow users get access to the health app.

While Apple refused to admit that bending of iPhone is a common problem, it was quick to apologise for launching a flawed update of iOS 8. This matter was also handled by Muller.

Muller, in a statement issued in response to complaints about the latest iOS update, said that the company is apologising for all the inconveniences caused to iPhone users. Apple, on the other hand, announced on its official site that it is looking to fix the issue as soon as possible and will be releasing a fresh iOS update in a few days.

As a temporary solution, Apple on Thursday also issued a set of guidelines to help users reinstall iOS 8 through the newest version of its iTunes. What this means is that users will not be able to use the health app until the next update for the operating system is released.

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