Google reacts to News Corp ‘Platform for Piracy’ blog

The internet search giants Google engaged in a war of words showdown on Thursday questioning the credibility of information featured in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp article. The News Corp described Google as a platform for piracy, a claim that Google bitterly denies. Google responded by stating how it has effortlessly fought the illegal online activities than any other internet search company in business.

Last week, the online search company responded to News Corp by sending an open letter to Joaquin Almunia, the European competition commissioner in a post titled “Dear Rupert”. This response featured on the Google Europe blog on Thursday. Robert Thompson, the News Corp Chief Executive Officer, said the internet giants spread malicious networks making it a platform for piracy.


Rachel Whetstone, the former adviser to conservative leader Michael Howard, responded to the allegations saying “Google has done more than almost any other company to help tackle online piracy,” Whetson further explains that in the course of last year, Google removed around 222 million web pages that didn’t comply with the copyright rules. The company did this entire exercise with an average take down time of only six hour. She added that most websites that regularly violate copyright regulations are downgraded in its search rankings.

Google is an industry leader in fighting child sexual abuse and dedicated to protect its users security. For this reason, Google has removed malware from its search result and other products. The Dutch Watchdog says the internet should be a platform for freedom expression and for high-quality content of enduring value, which Google fully agree with. Google provides access to information in many countries, particularly the news content that was, in the past, controlled and managed by a few small media organizations.

In their blog post response to News Corp, Google argued that the company has worked hard to help publishers succeed online by increasing their digital revenues and generating new audiences. The firm search products drive more than 60,000 published websites to 10 billion clicks a month, a record that most competitors cannot beat.

“With the Internet, people enjoy greater choice than ever before — and because the competition is just one click away online, barriers to switching are very, very low,” reported Google in their blog post. Google is very popular globally and the recent 500 changes to its algorithms to improve its user experience are anticipated to make the company even more popular.

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