New Jaguar XE is hotter and more elegant

Jaguar, which once used to be one of the most esteemed automobile manufacturing companies, is not considered to be among the toppers of the world. There are definitely some valid reasons behind this downfall of the company; but, it cannot be ignored that it has continued to try new things to get back its lost position in the automobile market. Jaguar, in spite of launching new, reliable, sturdy and fresh-looking models has failed to trouble the industry biggies like BMW, Mercedes and Audi in recent times.

The Indian carmaker Tata Motors took over Jaguar Land Rover, which at that time was struggling to make a mark on the market, from Ford and invested billions of dollars to revamp the company. It can be said that Tata has managed to get significant results as far as products under the brand name of Jaguar are concerned.


Ian Callum, the celebrated British car designer, was briefed to remove the outdated cover of the Jaguar vehicles, and he did that more brilliantly than anyone expected him to do. Thanks to Callum the cars now have an appearance that matched their advanced engineering perfectly.

When Jaguar was a Ford subsidiary, no one could expect Jaguar to have a stylish appearance. Designers at Ford made it clear that Jaguars will always look like Jaguars; as a result, every single Jag manufactured by Ford either had an outer shell resembling that of the 1959 Mark 2 or the 1968 XJ. There was no point expecting something different, and this was probably the reason why the popularity of the cars decreased gradually.

Another revelation about Ford’s styling disaster took place when it was found that the baby Jag released during the 1990s, which was called the X-type cars by the company, was largely based on Ford’s Mondeo. All these burdened the Jaguar brand with an absolute old-school, old-man image and caused serious trouble for it.

The next generation vehicles such as the F-type coupes and cabrios and XF sedans, however, enjoy a revamped appearance. This change in looks has allowed the cars to generate customer satisfaction and again made the Jaguar brand popular. These new generation vehicles are not only loved by users but are also praised by expert automobile reviewers.

However, here it must be noted that the 60,000 to 70,000 vehicles Jaguar make for its global consumer base is nothing compared to the number presented by other top automakers. Audi has more buyers in Britain than Jaguar has in the entire world. BMW, on the other hand, sells as many as 1.6 million vehicles every year.

The best way in which Jaguar could have answered is by producing a car in the highest volume and most important sub-sector i.e. compact premium cars.
This sub-sector has been ruled by cars belonging to the BMW 3-series for several years. We have also seen the feature-filled, revamped C-Class cars from the house of Mercedes Benz to do good business in this sector. Now, Jaguar is here with a classy competitor for those BMW and Mercedes cars; it’s called the Jaguar XE.

The XE is special primarily due to its attractive exterior. It looks like an XF, but with a bigger body. In spite of being chic, the car is sturdy in its aluminium case. Additionally, it scores impressively in other departments like low emissions and fuel efficiency.

In spite of having so many striking qualities, the car might have a tough time in pleasing buyers in Europe and the UK. If the XE eventually succeeds in winnings the hearts of the fussy European buyers, the golden days will surely be back for Jaguar.

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