Diamond studded car grabs eyeball in London

We all know that it’s difficult to find a woman who is not fond of diamonds. Keeping this very fact in mind Leo Robin and Jule Styne wrote the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”, which was originally sung by the legendary American singer Carol Channing and later performed by Marilyn Monroe in her 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. This news reveals how far a woman can go to show off her love for diamond.

People in London have witnessed a never-seen-before event when a Russian woman hit the roads of the city in a diamond studded car. The car, we are talking about, was studded with Swarovski crystals worth millions of pounds.


The woman responsible for making this hard-to-imagine incident possible is a 21-year-old business student; her name is Daria Radionova. It’s needless to say that Radionova is a rich lass; the car she bejeweled is a Mercedes CLS 350 worth £25,000. However, it seems that the Russian woman was not satisfied with the basic features of the luxury car and thus to make the vehicle look more special she decided to bling it up using real diamond.

Diamon Studded Mercedes

When asked what made her decorate the Mercedes with diamonds, Radionova said that she wanted to do something special with her car and make it look unique.

She informed that the people who should be credited for giving her car such an exclusive, eye-catching look have all come from Russia. These people worked for 12 hours every day for a couple of months to give her Mercedes CLS 350 the incredible look it currently possesses. Radionova didn’t forget to add that she is extremely happy with the end results and is waiting to travel across the city of London on the car.

When a car has diamonds covering its entire body, it is obvious that it will create a lot of chaos when on road. Radionova is also not shying away from acknowledging this fact. She said that she is completely aware that a crystal studded car will automatically attract the attention of all passersby.

When talking to the media representatives, the Russian woman said that it’s been just a few days since the work on the car has finished and already it is making people stop and have a look at it wherever it goes. She said that the car is getting attention both from people in other cars and individuals walking by. People are stopping to take photographs, and situations are often becoming so chaotic that she is feeling that accidents might take place.

Keeping all these facts aside, Radionova has, however, announced that she will eventually be selling the diamond studded Merced CLS 350 and donate the money to charity.

People interested to have a look at the car can visit the Levin Hotel (near Harrods), a hotel located in Basil Street, London. The car is currently parked outside the hotel and getting appreciative looks from every passerby.

Radionova has not forgotten to share photos of her Swarovski crystal studded Mercedes with her followers on Twitter. She uploaded pictures of her supercar with hashtags #harrods, #knightsbridge, #cystalcar, #crystal.

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