Google and HTC join hands to make the next Nexus tablet

Google has not yet made its plan to release a new Nexus tablet public; but, a newly published report suggests that the company has picked HTC as the official manufacturer of its upcoming Nexus tablet.

Today, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Google and HTC are working together citing sources close to the two companies. According to those sources, engineers representing the Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer have flown to Google’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California to join the search engine giant’s team and work on the upcoming Nexus tablet.

WSJ’s report elaborated that Google has picked HTC for making its next tablet in spite of knowing that the Taiwanese corporation is primarily a smartphone maker because it (Google) didn’t want any one manufacturing company to gain a monopoly. In the report, it was also mentioned that the advertising giant prefers having different partners for different devices as it helps the company to further expand its partner base.

It’s often claimed that the Mountain View-based tech firm tried to build a partnership with HTC sometime last year for its Nexus series of tablets. According to reports, that offer from Google was declined by HTC as at that time it was working to promote its smartphones.

Google, when asked to comment, said that Android being an extremely vibrant ecosystem is allowing several industry players to perform exceedingly well; Google added there are possibilities that more partners will be able to innovate and offer great performance with Android. However, reporters failed to get any comment on the decision of changing partners for its Nexus devices from the search engine giant.

If reports suggesting that HTC will be manufacturing Google’s Nexus 9 or Nexus 8.9 tablet turn out to be true, it will be the second time that Google and the Taiwanese company will work together for the Nexus brand. Earlier, the two companies worked together in 2010 to make the Nexus One, the first Nexus smartphone launched by Google.

It must be noted here that HTC after incurring big losses with the Flyer, its first Android tablet, has not tried to enter the tablet segment again. The Flyer was released back in 2011 and since then i.e. in the past three years we have seen the Taiwanese manufacturer to only launch smartphones.

Before this, it seemed that it is confirmed that HTC will be making the Nexus 9 tablet when documents of a supposed lawsuit filed by Nvidia against Qualcomm and Samsung hinted the same. The name of HTC Nexus 9 tablet was accidently mentioned by Nvidia in those documents; along with it, the documents also had information on the likely launch time frame of the product.

The upcoming Nexus tablet will most probably be running on Google’s yet-to-be-released version of Android, Android L. Other rumored specifications of the device include Nvidia’s 64 bit Denver Tegra K1 processor and a Quad-HD display of 1440×2560 pixels. The display specifications, if true, will make the viewing experience really awesome on the device’s rumored 8.9 or 9-inch screen.

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