Facebook upgrades the VR headset Oculus Rift

July 2014 saw Facebook going on a shopping spree; it was the time when the social networking giant purchased Oculus VR, the American virtual reality technology company founded by Brendan Iribe and Palmer Luckey, for a whopping $2 billion. It was definitely not the first time when the world was seeing Facebook acquire a smaller tech firm; in the past few years the Menlo Park, California-based company has taken over a number of such companies and made their products and services it own.

When the news of Facebook acquiring Oculus first came up, experts started underlining the social network giant’s intentions. It became quite evident that Facebook was looking to work with an untested Oculus technology known as the Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift was basically a headset type that developers had already got from Facebook. The Mark Zuckerberg-run company claimed that this new technology once ready to be used will be highly effective as a communications and/or social platform or tool.

Oculus VR recently made an announcement regarding a fresh development in the project that is currently looked after by Facebook. The company has released an upgraded version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset prototype. In a statement accompanying the announcement, Oculus said that the modified version of the headset prototype comes with improved resolution and more efficient built-in audio system. This decision of Facebook has made it clear how much effort it is putting in to make this new technology effective and popular.

However, people interested in testing the virtual reality headsets themselves will still have to wait for some time. Oculus VR, when announcing the upgrade, also mentioned that the prototype is not yet ready for being released officially and consumers will need to wait before getting the chance to buy the product; but, the company has assured that modifications made to the VR headset are enough to make all potential buyers of the product excited.

The upgrade other than incorporating some additional feature has also made the Oculus Rift much lighter than the original prototype. This decision of the developers has one again proved that they are working keeping in mind the needs of the users; today’s users love gadgets that are sleek and lightweight. All these facts about the virtual reality headset were presented by Oculus at a developers’ conference recently held in Hollywood.

For people who are wondering how the upcoming Oculus Rift headset will look like, here’s a brief description: it will resemble a pair of goggles. To use these goggles, users will have to mount them onto their heads by means of a strap.

Initial reports about the wearable device suggest that it will provide a complete 360° view to the wearer. The headset has also been designed to allow players immerse into the fantasy settings of the game they are playing.

It cannot be said when actually we will see the Oculus Rift headset hit the stores or whether actually Oculus and Facebook is planning to make the product available to consumers anytime soon. However, one thing that can be confidently said is that Facebook will make sure that its investment is not wasted.

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