Google stops forcing Gmail users to create Google+ accounts

Google has finally abandoned the requirement of creating Google+ accounts for all Gmail users. In other words, Gmail accounts will no more be tied with the company’s social platform. All new Google users will be able to take advantage of this new modification.

A report published on the online news portal Marketing Land informed that Google has finally taken the decision to shelve the rule that requires every Google account creator to also create a profile on Google+. Experts are describing this change as a big step by the search engine giant. This is because the rule was there for a long period of time; Google made Google+ account creation a mandatory thing more than two and half years back, in January 2012 to be more precise.

However, this change doesn’t mean that users looking to have a Google+ account will be prevented from signing up for one during the Gmail account creation procedure. They will be presented with the option to sign up for the social network. What the change has done is that if anyone doesn’t click on the “Create your profile” button, his/her Gmail account will not be accompanied by a Google+ account.

Martin Beck, the writer of the Marketing Land report, has written that for some this modification introduced by Google stands as the testimony of the fact that the Mountain View-based company is de-prioritizing its 3-year old social networking platform (the company might even be looking to bring the curtains down on the social network).

Speculations of de-prioritization or closing down of Google+ started in the month of April when Vic Gundotra, the co-creator of Google+ left the company. It became more obvious that the tech giant is changing its strategies for popularizing Google+ when last month it stopped displaying Google+ authorship information in search results.

According to Beck, Google will most likely keep on making subtle modifications to its social networking service. We might see the company adding advanced features to widely loved Google+ products such as Hangouts on Air, Hangouts, etc. Changes can also be made to its amazing photo product in order to allow people to use it without the need of having a Google+ account.

Google’s habit of caring more about integration and functionality than raw statistics is surely one of the many factors that make it one of the biggest names of the technology industry. However, it would be difficult for Google to succeed in making Google+ as popular as top social networks like Twitter and Facebook without the numbers by its side.

Here, it should be noted that the Mountain View-based company is not reducing the impact of its social network in other services it offers. Users are definitely free to ignore Google+; however, if they do so, they will be stopped from doing things like leaving app reviews, uploading videos on YouTube, etc.

It’s too early to say anything about the kind of results this tweak will bring in for Google+. We will have to wait for at least a few months to see how users react to this change and what the future hold for Google’s social network.

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