General Motors’ Cadillac division to launch a high-end sedan in 2015

General Motors (GM), since a long time, has been trying to strengthen its Cadillac brand. The company’s Cadillac division once used to rule the luxury automobile market in the United States; however, its popularity seemed to have declined a bit in the past few years. To make the situation better and get back its old position in the American auto market, GM has decided to launch a high-end sedan under the brand name of Cadillac; the car, according to reports, will hit the market by 2015.

In a statement issued on Friday, GM said that by the end of next year it will start selling a new high-tech vehicle. The company added that the yet-to-be-named flagship sedan will be something more advanced than the XTS and CTS line of cars launched by the Cadillac Motor Car Division. According to the American automaker, the upcoming sedan instead of replacing any vehicle model in its current portfolio will add to it.

David Caldwell, a spokesperson of Cadillac, informed that sales in the US will begin by the end of 2015; according to Caldwell, the car will be made available for purchase to people in China around the same time. He said that the company has decided to not wait too much for launching its new sedan in China once it’s launched in the US.

In a separate statement issued recently the president of Cadillac Mr. Johan de Nysschen said that the new car the company is planning to launch will belong to an absolutely elite class even among the most high-end luxury cars. He further said that this new car will be a rear-wheel drive sedan that will be based on an absolutely new vehicle-architecture; the materials used for building the vehicle will also be custom-designed.

De Nysschen joined General Motors earlier this year; the company’s decision of having a new president is one of the many things that the company has done to get back its old position in the automobile market and compete fiercely with leaders of the luxury car market such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW etc.

This new car of the 112 year old Cadillac brand will be manufactured at the Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly, an assembly plant of General Motors situated right on the border between the two American cities Detroit and Hamtramck. This GM plant is the same factory where cars like Cadillac ELR, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu and Opel Ampera have been manufactured.

Here, it should be noted that the automaker has not yet said whether there will be any addition to the current workforce of the Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly. Currently, the plant has 1,600 workers.

If sales figures of the past few years are taken into account, the United States still has the largest market for Cadillac cars. However, it has also been found that sales are quickly growing in China. Caldwell said that the company has decided to develop the new sedan primarily keeping in mind the growth of the brand in China.

The upcoming sedan, according to information obtained from reliable sources, will feature a host of new technology that no other GM car possesses. According to Caldwell, one of the newly added features of the vehicle would be its ability to function autonomously. However, the 2015 Cadillac sedan will not be a true “self-driving” car.

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